Additional thoughts about my art practice in general

One of the things I value most about the visual arts is the potential for communication on multiple levels simultaneously, and in ways poetic. It is a large part of the reason I’m compelled to make art. I love the potential for meaning to unfold slowly over a period of time.  That it, at times, almost seems to sneak in. Some of my favorite experiences of art have occurred when my understanding of the content or value of a work shifts after multiple viewings. 

As an art viewer, I enjoy considering many types of art practices As an art maker, painting is the territory I usually traverse and its attributes are the ones I understand most intimately. Paintings (generally) remain static while circumstances outside the work change allowing for shifting experiences. This potential for “a slow read” is something I take into account when making my work which is reflected in the way I layer concepts and the care I take with craft.

I’ve come to understand that much of my artistic exploration stems from my continued impulse to work with, and potentially integrate or synthesize, seemingly contrasting – even opposing – ideas, concepts, or categories. Contrasting mass-produced items with the creation of unique handmade objects is one example. Other examples include: inhabiting in the territory between "high art" and kitsch; order and sensuality; and combining the geometric with the organic. Working between abstraction, representation and the conceptual also is driven by this impulse.