Statement for Residence Paintings

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In the Resident paintings the primary organizational force is the  conceptual and structural qualities of pattern.  I use pattern because it creates a space where order and perception meet.  It is also a metaphor for memory.  Using the architecture, flora, and fauna of a specific urban place (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) as subject matter, I begin by designing layers of repeating pattern (as in the creation of wallpaper).  In these paintings, I superimpose the separate patterns, upon one another, setting up an equation for myself to paint through. Utilizing a variety of techniques — ranging from screen-printing to airbrush and glazing — I combine these images to depict and create certain relationships and themes. 

One of these is the contrast between the sparse, living flora and fauna of this urban environment and the prevalence of - or replacement by - what is man-made that is artificial yet inspired by nature.  For example, in The Kiss, stone doves and vinyl siding, with a pattern of wood grain, hover in the foreground while domesticated pigeons fly in formation as part of the background.  Because of the fast-paced gentrification occurring in this neighborhood, the transformation of place and loss is another prominent sub-theme within the general theme of memory.