Bio and Resume

Leeza Doreian is an Oakland based artist whose work explores time, attention, pattern, and conservation. Returning to individual items of discarded clothing as source material, her paintings invert the process of mass-production, recasting what may otherwise be overlooked as banal into singular poetic experience. With a focus on systems and webs of connection, her work addresses the relationship between visual language, materiality, intimacy and empathy. A fundamental concern is the ways we, as humans, understand and impact the world around us. Leeza received her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. Her work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions in numerous galleries and museums, including: Artist Space, PS1, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Root Division, The Lab, Fine Arts gallery at San Francisco State and the Barbara Walters Gallery at Sarah Lawrence College. She is a Teaching Artist at Creativity Explored, and recently co-founded the art cooperative Mending Collective.


The University of Texas at Austin, MASTER OF FINE ARTS                                    

Ohio State University, BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS                                     


Feb 2007     Tourists and Residents: Emerging Artist Series, Solo Exhibition, Barbara Walters Gallery, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

Aug 1998      Syllables of Plush: Solo Exhibition, Women and Their Work, Austin Texas


 Feb 2008     Works by Leeza Doreian and Ian Duncan, Manhattan WCO Center, New York City, New York


• Walking California, Incline Gallery, California, October 2018

• Visible Mending: The Sensuality of Frugality and Conservation, A Mending Collective Action
  San Francisco School of Needlework & Design, April 2017

• Back to the Garden, Root Division, San Francisco, California, April 2017

• Mending Circle: Make Do and Mend, Community Care-in, A Mending Collective ActionSouthern Exposure
  San Francisco, California, April 2017

• Trading Places, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, California, November 2016

• Not Your Run of the Mill, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, California, October 2016

• The Black&White Project, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, August 2016

• On View: New Works from Kala, Kala, Berkeley, California, July 2016

• Botanic, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, California, June 2015

• Friends with Karma, Pro Arts, Oakland, California, Feb 2015

• Scrap Art, Reclaimed Room, San Francisco, California, July 2014

• Scrap Art, Public Glass, San Francisco, California, July 2014

• Kalafornia: State of the Art, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, California, April 2013

• Introductions 2012, Root Division, San Francisco, California, Sept 2012     

• Cumulous, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, California, Aug 2012

• Time, The Lab, San Francisco, California, Sept 2011

• Wicked Little Critter, Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, July 2011

• Out Of Order: Geometric Systems in Contemporary Bay Area Art, SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Sept 2010

• Crater Bay Area: Developers: Ligorano/Reese, Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, California, June 2008

• Manhattan WCO Center Expo: Group Exhibition, New York City, New York, Oct 2007                 

• Crater NY, Developers: Ligorano/Reese, Location One, New York City, New York, Sept 2007

 • Pink Show: Group Exhibition, Arena One at the Santa Monica Airport, California, Sept 2007

• Here and Elsewhere: Group Exhibition, Erie State Collage, Erie, Pennsylvania, Sept 2006                                   

• Please Touch: Group Exhibition, GASP, Boston, Massachusetts, May 2006  

• When Artists Say We: Group Exhibition, Artist Space, New York, New York, March 2006                               

• Tits&Art IV: Group Exhibition, GV/AS, Brooklyn, New York, Sept 2004

• After Matisse/Picasso: Group Exhibition, PS1, Queens, New York, Feb 2003

• Recession 2003 $99 Show: Group Exhibition, Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York, New York, Jan 2003

• American cheese: Group Exhibition, Dam Stuhtrager Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, Nov 2002

• Artnewyork: Group Exhibition, Lunstraumf auf Zeit, Linz, Austria, Sept 2002

• Small Packages: Group Exhibition, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, Oct 2001

• Emerging Artists: Four-Person Exhibition, Middle Tennessee State University, Knoxville, Tennessee, Sept 2001

• 4: Four-Person Exhibition, Rome Arts, Brooklyn, New York, May 2001                     

• Gardens of Pleasure, Curator: Lisa Tamiris Becker, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Michigan, June 2000                                  

2019      Chalk Hill Artist Residency, Healdsburg, California
2019 Quick Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation, San Francisco, California
2018    Peripheral Visions Curatorial Residency with Mending Collective
Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, California
2017    2017 Founding member of Mending Collective
2016    SECA Award Nominee, Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary    Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
2014    New American Paintings, Volume 109, juried by Janet Bishop
2013    Presentation, BAASICS.3 The Deep End, ODC Theater, San Francisco, California
2007    Artist Lecture, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York
1999    Gladys Service Award, Heckscher Museum of Art, New York
1997    Studio Arts Merit Award, University of Texas at Austin
1996    Graduate Continuing Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin
1996    College of Fine Arts Travel Fellowship, Italy
1996    Studio Arts Merit Award, University of Texas at Austin
1995    College of Fine Arts Travel Fellowship, Mexico City
1994    Emily Maverick Miller and Emily Wells Endowed Scholarship


2018    Curator, Mind Place
, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, California
2015    Co-curator, Dance Party!
, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, California
2012    Co-curator, Out of Order, 
Creativity Explored, San Francisco, California
2010    Curatorial Concept Credit, Out Of Order: Geometric Systems in Contemporary Bay Area Art
SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco


2017 Artist Lecture, CAA, Oakland, Textile Department, class lecture —Darn It
2016 Artist Lecture, CAA, San Francisco, Continuing Education, class lecture —Beginning Painting
2013 Presentation, BAASICS.3 The Deep End ODC Theater, San Francisco, California 2012 2010Artist Lecture, SF State, San Francisco, Painting Department, class lecture —systems
2007 Artist Lecture, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New  


2010-               VISUAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR, Creativity Explored                

                        • Combining a love and knowledge of art to interact as a teacher with Adult Artists who
have developmental disabilities

2002 - 2003   SUPERVISOR OF MODEL SHOP, Architecture Department, Parsons       

                        • Oversaw the upkeep and ordering of parts for woodworking tools and machines.

1999 - 2003     MODEL SHOP INSTRUCTOR, Architecture Department, Parsons       

                        • Instructed architecture students in use of wood shop machinery and simple construction

                        • Assisted students in the construction of architectural models and furniture.

 1997 - 199      FACULTY LECTURER, The University of Texas at Austin            

                         • Developed and Taught Two-Dimensional Design and Beginning Drawing Courses

1996 -  1996      ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR, The University of Texas at Austin            

                         • Developed and Taught Two-Dimensional Design

 1994 - 1997      TEACHING ASSISTANT, The University of Texas at Austin            

                          •Teaching Assistant for Figure Painting, Figure Drawing, Beginning Drawing and Beginning Painting Courses