The fabric Items used for In Time and Repetition

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The starting point for the majority of my current work is mass-produced fabric items. I usually discover these items in thrift stores or find them in the street. Sometimes they are given to me. Each item is carefully collected and when one is chosen as the source material for a painting - or more likely, a body of paintings - I spend an enormous amount of time working with it. Giving such attention to quickly made objects is built into my process. For the works comprising In Time and Repetition, I chose just four items: a polyester shirt, a polyester skirt, a woven skirt, and a tablecloth.  

Most customer products have an impact on the environment. Much of the textile industry is grounded in methods of manufacturing having particularly negative effects. There are also plenty of examples where its labor practices are problematic. This is particularly true of fashion, whose business model relies on things going out of style and people wanting the latest style, artificially increasing levels of consumption. Ultimately, my goal is to make something to be digested slowly. My work offers an alternative to aspects of culture driven by reinforcing what is disposable.